FlowView Prism

FlowView Prism

Identify and Resolve Emerging Concerns Before Problems Arise

FlowView PRISM represents a great leap forward in Cloud-computing and database management capabilities, propelling your data into the world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. We listened to our customers and have built a revolutionary new software product that provides an advanced platform for rapid growth in data management, viewing, analytics, and data science.

FlowView PRISM enables the user to identify and resolve emerging concerns before problems arise and provides easy-to-use dashboards and graphical tools to status system performance and track emerging threats. See flow and depth data at meter locations throughout the collection system and determine if sewer lines are flowing as designed and to capacity, or whether hydraulic problems, such as blockages, exist. The system alerts staff members to wet and dry conditions in the sewer system, analyzes trends, and has the ability to work with flow monitors from multiple vendors.

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